Policies & Systems


Our detailed project management, quality assurance, occupational health and safety and environmental plans reflect industry best practice. Each plan is tailored to reflect our clients specific project requirements.

Project Programming

We follow a thorough pre-planning process to ensure construction programming, cash flow projections and scheduling are carefully established. All team members are aware of these strict requirements, ensuring projects are completed on time and on budget.

Construction Cost Management and Control

We employ the industrys most advanced cost management and control systems to ensure construction costs are carefully monitored and managed for our clients.

Quality Assurance

Full third party accreditation with ISO9001: 2015 assures the completion of our projects to the highest standard.

Work Health, Safety & Rehabilitation (WHS&R)

The safety of our workforce and subcontractors is paramount. Our system is fully accredited to AS4801: 2001 and we fully comply with the NSW Department of Commerce. We undertake comprehensive staff training and auditing to ensure this is maintained.

Environmental Management

Farindon is aware of the impact that construction projects can have on the environment. Accordingly, an Environmental Management Plan is prepared for each project that takes into account all environmental factors such as noise, air and visual pollution together with flora and fauna protection. Our Environmental Management System is fully accredited to ISO14001: 2015.

Stakeholder Management

Many of our projects are constructed in existing buildings around the operations of our clients. Carrying out our works with minimal disturbance to our clients is of utmost importance to Farindon.

Human Resource Management

Sharing a common vision and a genuine passion for what they do, our valued people offer a combination of expertise, enthusiasm and experience. Recognising that staff satisfaction equates to a more productive workplace, Farindon encourages staff development and fosters a workplace that promotes personal needs, flexibility, excellent communication, long-term employment planning and proactive training. Critically client satisfaction is viewed as a Key Performance Indicator for all staff.




  • OH&S, AS4801: 2001
  • QA ISO9001: 2015
  • ENVIRONMENTAL ISO14001: 2015